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California Gurl Chord

Artist: Katy Perry feat Snoop dogg

D/F# G A Bm
I know a place
D/F# G A Bm
Where the grass is really greener
D/F# G A Bm
Warm, wet and wild
D/F# G A Bm
There must be something in the water
D/F# G A Bm
Sipping gin and juice
D/F# G A Bm
Laying underneath the palm trees
D/F# G A Bm
The boys break their necks
D/F# G A Bm
Trying to creep a little sneak peek

A Bm
You could travel the world
But nothing comes close to the golden coast
A Bm
Once you party with us
You’ll be falling in love oh Ohohohohoh

D/F# G A Bm
California girls, we’re unforgettable
D/F# G A Bm
Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top
D/F# G A Bm
Sun-kissed skin, so hot will melt your popsicle
D/F# G A Bm

D/F# G A Bm
California girls, we’re undeniable
D/F# G A Bm
Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock
D/F# G G A Bm
West coast represent, now put your hands up
D/F# G A Bm
Ohohohohoh, oh Ohohohohoh

D/F# G A Bm
Sex on a beach
D/F# G A Bm
We get sand in our stilettos
D/F# G A Bm
We freak in my jeep
D/F# G A Bm
Snoop Doggy Dogg on the stereo

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