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When you look me in the eyes

Artist: Jonas Brother 
G                      A 
If the heart is always searching
Can you ever find a home?
          A                G
I've been looking for that someone
I'll never make it on my own
Bm                    A
Dreams can't take the place of loving you
              Bm           A                G
There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true

                 A      D
When you look me in the eyes
And tell me that you love me
Everything's alright
                       A     G
When you're right here by my side
                 A      D
When you look me in the eyes
I catch a glimpse of heaven
  Bm         A G
I find my paradise
         A             D
When you look me in the eyes

Verse 2:
G                  A
How long will I be waiting
To be with you again?
              A      G
I'm gonna say that I love you
In the best way that I can
Bm             A
I can't take a day without you here
           Bm                  A             G
You're the light that makes my darkness disappear


Moving on
I start to realize
I can reach my tomorrow
I can hold my head up high
         G                        A
And it's all because you're by my side

First four lines of Chorus, then:
       A              D      
When I hold you in my arms
I know that it's forever
I just gotta let you know
                A       G
I never want to let you go
Nyoba dengerin....
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